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Congrès de l' European Academy of Management

L'EURAM 2014 - du 04 au 07 juin 2014

7 juin 2014

L' EURAM organise son congrès 2014 à Valence du 4 au 7 Juin sur le thème "Waves and Winds of Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Competitiveness". 

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Parmi les nombreuses thématiques abordées et discutées lors de ce congrès, celle du crowdfunding aura la part belle. 

 "Crowdfunding : a path to social sustainability ?" 

Crowdfunding as an « entrepreneurial phenomenon » denotes a general trend to substitute the crowd for traditional sources of finance (banks, financial markets, governments…. Descriptive inquiries are multiplying, more or less justified recommendations are accumulating, but crowdfunding remains a fuzzy object for research. Hence, the aim of this track is to gather some stabilized research outcomes and reflexivity on the managerial and social impact of crowdfunding. Contributions could address the following questions:

  1. Is it possible to set up (or to pinpoint) one or several models for crowdfunding? 
  2. What are the possible uses and impacts of crowdfunding?

The best contributions will be proposed for publication in a special issue of the Society and Business Review.

Keywords: crowdfunding; crowdsourcing; sustainability; Social Entrepreneurship; Business Models

Proponents: Jérôme Méric. IAE de Poitiers CEREGE. jmeric@iae.univ-poitiers.fr
Karima Bouaiss. IAE de Poitiers CEREGE
Denise Rousseau. Carnegie Mellon University
Leire Sans Jose. University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)
Isabelle Maque. IAE de Poitiers CEREGE
Adnane Maalaoui. ESG Management School